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iSimple Gateway Self-Installation Tips | Learning Center

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Congratulations on Purchasing an iSimple Gateway
Once you have your iSimple GateWay installed properly you’ll see why we call it “the ultimate in-car iPod docking system.” The iSimple GateWay fully integrates your iPod or iPhone with your vehicle’s factory-installed radio to give you outstanding digital quality sound, easy iPod/iPhone navigation using your standard stereo controls and battery charging for most iPod and iPhone models*.

Read the Owner’s Manual & Quick Reference Card
Inside each iSimple GateWay kit is a Radio Function Quick Reference Card illustrating which buttons perform specific functions on a specific type of radio. Make sure you read the quick reference card so that you understand how interface operates and to familiarize yourself with the iPod controls for your particular vehicle.

The iSimple GateWay can be installed by somebody with a very basic level of car audio experience. However, for best installation results, we highly recommend that you have the iSimple GateWay installed by a professional. If you wish to do it yourself, ensure that you thoroughly read the instructions and have the proper tools necessary for proper installation. Should you need assistance, please call iSimple Technical Assistance toll-free at 866-788-4237.

Keep All Dip-Switches Turned “OFF” Unless Instructed Otherwise
As of 9/01/08 there are only 3 types of vehicles that require dipswitch settings:
• Ford/Lincoln/Mercury (see iSimple GateWay owners manual)
• Volkswagen (see iSimple GateWay owners manual)
• Nissan (see iSimple GateWay owners manual)

Understand the iSimple GateWay Imitates Your Satellite Radio Tuner
Access to all iSimple GateWay functions are through the “SAT” mode of your factory radio. If you do not know how to enter the satellite tuner mode on your radio, please check your vehicle’s owners manual. If your factory installed radio does not support a satellite radio tuner, the iSimple GateWay will not be compatible.

Wait One Minute if “DEV INIT” is Displayed on the Radio
This means that the iSimple GateWay is initializing itself to your particular vehicle. Simply wait one minute to allow full initialization, then your cycle ignition off and on. You may then enter SAT mode to access the iSimple GateWay. If the problem persists, read the troubleshooting section of your iSimple GateWay owners manual or call iSimple Technical Assistance at 866-788-4237.

Connect All Input Cables to the Correct Ports in the iSimple GateWay
Connect the iPod docking cable in the port on the left (furthest away from the dip switches) and the HD Radio Tuner, Sirius Satellite Cable or auxiliary audio input cable into the port on the right (closest to the dip switches). Please ensure you make these connections prior to hooking up the wiring harness.

Reset iPod if Text on Radio is not in Sync with Music
If the text displayed on the screen does not match what is playing from the iPod, or there are intermittent control issues, please reboot the iPod. Do this by first disconnecting the iPod from the docking cable, then pressing and holding the “Menu” button, and the button in the center of the clickwheel simultaneously for 10 seconds. No music will be lost by doing this.

Reset the iSimple GateWay if Your Factory Radio Does Not Enter Satellite Mode
If the radio will not enter into SAT Mode, the iSimple GateWay is probably not being recognized by the factory radio. Disconnect your iSimple GateWay (just the black box, not the harness) from the vehicle and let it sit without power for 5 minutes. Reconnect the iSimple GateWay then enter SAT Mode to access the iSimple GateWay. If the problem persists, read the troubleshooting section of your iSimple GateWay owners manual or call iSimple Technical Assistance at 866-788-4237.

Select “AUX1” Mode to Switch Control of iPod from the Radio to the Clickwheel
Select “Aux 1”on your vehicle’s radio to control the iPod manually using the click wheel and to view track information on iPod display. You will also need to do this to play online audio content through an iPhone connected to the Internet.

Change the Radio’s Display Mode on Honda, Acura and Nissan Vehicles
If the iSimple GateWay menu does not seem to be working in your Honda, Acura or Nissan, press the “DISP” button to change the display mode to “Channel Name”. This will allow the radio to display proper song information and utilize library browsing commands.

If Upgrading to HD Radio, Ensure You Connect the iSimple NuRadio HD Module to the iSimple GateWay BEFORE Connecting the iSimple GateWay to Your Vehicle
If the HD Radio tuner is connected, but does not show up as an available source using the iSimple GateWay, disconnect the interface from the vehicle. Keep the iSimple GateWay disconnected from power for 5 minutes. Ensure the iSimple NuRadio HD cable is connected securely at both the HD Radio  module and iSimple GateWay. Reconnect the iSimple GateWay back to the vehicle harness.

Ensure Factory Antenna Cable is Properly Connected to the iSimple NuRadio HD
If you get no AM or FM reception using the HD Radio source, it may not be properly connected. Check to make sure the factory antenna cable is connected to your iSimple NuRadio HD module and that the antenna adaptor (if needed) is secure. If it is properly connected and you are receiving just static from your AM/FM tuner, switch to the iSimple GateWay and access the HD Radio feature. This will then provide all AM/FM reception for you, as well as HD Radio reception of that station if available.

* The iSimple GateWay currently supports only 12v iPod charging. For 5v charging (iPhone 3G, 4th Gen iPod nano, 2nd Gen iPod touch) you will need an iSimple ReVolt (IS710) available Spring 2009.